SP: Assertion contains an unacceptable AudienceRestriction

Scott Gerlach sgerlach at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 11:35:21 EDT 2015

> Just to close out this thread.... spelling mistake strikes again.... one
> letter off from the IdP (okta). Once that was fixed, everything started
> working, well except the

2015-08-18 08:25:45 DEBUG OpenSAML.SecurityPolicyRule.BearerConfirmation
[4]: assertion satisfied bearer confirmation requirements
2015-08-18 08:25:45 WARN Shibboleth.SSO.SAML2 [4]: detected a problem with
assertion: Unable to establish security of incoming assertion.

errors, similar to this
http://shibboleth.net/pipermail/users/2011-September/000675.html, as
disabling the security policy works. Trying to track down any time issues
Thanks Scott, Brent and Nate for the help!
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