InvalidSubjectCanonicalizationContext error.

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Fri Aug 14 11:53:00 EDT 2015

Hi Scott,

I have filed this bug, as requested.  I hope I got the description right.  I was a little fuzzy on the details...

[JIRA] (IDP-790) No event ID, logging for InvalidSubjectCanonicalizationContext error


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>I will follow your instructions for creating/populating an AuthenticationResult for the PRC->AuthenticationContext, and a SubjectCanonicalizationContext.  Is the latter just an added subcontext of the ProfileRequestContext, maybe using the #addSubcontext(BaseContext) method (I am looking at the Javadoc for org.opensaml.profile.context.ProfileRequestContext)?

Yes, that's what I meant by PRC->SubjectCanonicalizationContext (symbolically, child of PRC).

Can you please file a bug on the missing event ID? Logging I'll look into if there's time, but I don't want to forget the bug.

-- Scott

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