SP: Assertion contains an unacceptable AudienceRestriction

Scott Gerlach sgerlach at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 14:19:43 EDT 2015

>Then your configuration isn't actually as you posted. You have to have a
different entityID configured.
I was *very* careful to copy out the relevant sections that changed from
default install. I only have the default entity set.

>Normally audience errors are caused by use of the ApplicationOverride
mechanism and problems with the mappings to applicationId. Nothing you
posted included any of that.
I don't have any Application Overrides set and the only mapping I have is
to the default, as shown in config I posted

>Otherwise I have no explanation other than the usual issues with control
characters or something like that getting in the way.
Any other logging I could turn up to be able to help troubleshoot this
issue. I turned up log4j.category.Shibboleth.RequestMapper=DEBUG, but I'm
not seeing any additional logging errors in native.log around application
mapping... I could be doing that wrong though :)

and thanks for the help. glad to know this hasn't only stumped me..
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