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Thu Aug 13 10:49:56 EDT 2015

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>Can you please expansiate as to what needs to be done on the IdP side.

Since it's not Shibboleth, no, I can't.

>The XML metadata of the idp is as follows:

The metadata nothing to do with this error. If the metadata itself were being parsed, that wouldn't show up in the browser as an error like that.

You also provided no logs in terms of the context for the error to suggest at what phase of processing it's breaking. From the location and the error I'm merely assuming the problem is with the XML of the SAML Response from the IdP. If it's the Response, then the POST data itself must have been ok, because the base64 decode succeeded. So that leaves the problem being in the XML at the source.

Presumably it's an internationalization (i18n) issue and something's in the XML that isn't encoded properly.

-- Scott

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