LDAP Authn exception help needed.

O'Dowd, Josh Josh.O'Dowd at mso.umt.edu
Wed Aug 5 10:37:04 EDT 2015

Good Morning,

You may remember I am customizing our LDAP authn process a little bit to include an intercept.  The intercept appears to be working as expected, when the user credentials are good.  However, if the password is wrong, I am seeing the following error-page message:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find state with id 'InvalidPassword' in flow 'authn/Password' -- Known state ids are 'array<String>['ExtractUsernamePasswordFromBasicAuth', 'SetRPUIInformation', 'DisplayUsernamePasswordPage', 'ExtractUsernamePasswordFromFormRequest', 'ValidateUsernamePassword', 'proceed', 'AuthenticationException', 'IdentitySwitch', 'InputOutputError', 'InvalidCredentials', 'InvalidProfileContext', 'InvalidSubjectContext', 'NoCredentials', 'NoPassive', 'NoPotentialFlow', 'RequestUnsupported', 'ReselectFlow', 'RuntimeException', 'SubjectCanonicalizationError', 'LogRuntimeException', 'CheckSecurityQuestion', 'CallExpiringPassword', 'CallExpiredPassword', 'CallAccountLocked']'

I am seeing a similar error for "Cannot find state with id 'ExpiredPassword'.  Have you guys seen this before?  How to fix?


Josh O'Dowd
Software Systems Analyst / Developer
University of Montana, IT Central

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