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I find that a bit confusing. Initially you were saying it'd be caused by SP behavior, but then then that no settings would cause that behavior. Do you mean Shibboleth SP has no settings that might cause that in general? I suppose I can't rule out that they have since switched away from Shibboleth SP.

That said, have you seen this sort of behavior in any SPs you've worked with in general? And if so, is there any setting on the IDP side that might coax it into behaving better? At this point we're trying to see what might be causing this behavior in general but we're hitting dead ends.


Brandon McKean

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I had a follow up on this one. It looks like a few years ago, someone from this SP posted on this mailing list, indicating they are using Shibboleth SP or at least did at some point.

Is there any particular setting(s) in that where double logins might be caused from clients going from IDP v2 to v3?


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