shibd Memory Usage

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Fri Sep 26 12:15:09 EDT 2014


>> We're running Shibboleth SP 2.4.3 on Debian.
> Fyi, SWITCH provides current 3rd party packages until (if ever) 2.5
> hits wheezy-backports.

I've been meaning to check these out. The thing that was stopping me was
finding time to see if our fix for the FastCGI binaries was in there and
working out if we had to rebuild the packages to include them like we do
for the stock Debian ones.

>> We tend to find that it likes to use a lot of RAM.
> Reduce the stack size -- ulimit or see the documentation
> (UnixListener/@stackSize) -- and turn off assertion caching (unless
> you need to access the assertion itself), SessionCache/@cacheAssertions="false".

Thanks for these tips. I'll have a look into that: I was wondering if
I'd be able to reasonably limit anything with ulimit or whether it would
just cause problems.


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