release Name ID as an attribute

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Thanks, Scott, that is probably why I did not find how to release Name ID as attribute in wiki, I am having web meeting with them today, I will see if I can push back, the problem is the people from success factor are project managers who literally have no knowledge about saml and they always blame on our side

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On 9/25/14, 12:01 PM, "Qian, Yi" <yqian at> wrote:

>The question is can Shibboleth IdP release NameID in the saml subject 
>and attributes at the same time? My impression is I cannot do that 
>after looked at the shib wiki.

Yes, you can, but you shouldn't.

>The reason is success factor sent us sample saml response which they 
>has NameID in both places
>               <saml2:Attribute Name="NameID"
>               </saml2:Attribute>

That's complete nonsense anyway.

-- Scott

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