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Rob Gorrell rwgorrel at
Tue Sep 23 15:34:18 EDT 2014

anyone familiar or already integrating with the service provider Data
Cookbook? Appearently they "provides a central, highly visible location to
store all of the details of your institution’s reporting terminology and
report specifications."

some quick googling and it looks like our friends at UA have had some
experience, so maybe you guys will see this and chime in.

I'm looking for some pointers on the setup. Looks as though the vendor has
CAS and Shibb experience, and even have a Shibb authentication form
Session Initiator Entity ID
Session Initiator Type
Metadata Provider Type
Metadata Provider URI
User Validation Field (Username or email)
options for Auto-Create Users and associated attribute mappings
followed by two ubiquitous text blocks of "Configuration Details" and
"Additional Details".

Could someone offer some translation help about what they are after here?
I'm still learning how to parse this stuff our for these generic/direct
peerings, but something seems incomplete or abnormal to me about what they
are asking. I know my IdP entityID, but are they expecting an
unsolicitied/IdP initiated session? No certs means they're not expecting
the assertion to be signed or encrypted, right? What are these "Types" and


Robert W. Gorrell
Systems Architect, Identity and Access Management
University of NC at Greensboro
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