Accessing authentication response status code

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I am in complete agreement, but the application developer had asked me to return the status codes so he could respond/track them in some way. I wanted to cover my bases to ensure I wasn't overlooking something before I said it can't be done. I have customized our Shibboleth error pages and I think that will be enough. 


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I could well be missing something here, but isn’t the point of Shibboleth protecting a webapp that the SP only gets involved in dishing up pages if it gets an ‘OK you are a valid user’ session from the IdP? Excluding any verification of attributes etc by the SP itself?
I know there’s an SP error page, which you could possibly customise, but I’m not sure how dynamic it is or what it can trap.
The SP might log these errors for you, but for your app to be loosely work enough to get them I don’t know.
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Subject: Accessing authentication response status code
Is there any way to access the authentication response status code outside of the error handling capabilities of Shibboleth? The documentation is very clear on how to use statusCode, StatusCode2, and statusMessage in the error templates, but we'd like to something a little different if it is possible.
Our IdP is returning status code such as:

We'd like to be able to interpret these in the application to provide some direction for the end user. I thought I might be able to treat the status codes as attributes, but they really aren't attributes, so I am not sure that makes sense.


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