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Mon Sep 22 17:21:19 EDT 2014

    I have installed RHEL 6.5.  I also installed apache 2.4 using yum and rhel-server-rhscl-6-rpms.  I followed the instructions on setting my yum repositories up to use the rhel_6 repository.  I did a yum install shibboleth.x86_64 install as directed in the install instructions.  I noticed in the apache24.config file it states that if RPM was used that a copy of the file will be put in the conf.d directory.  This did not happen.  I then copied the a pache24.config file to the appropriate conf.d directory where redhat loaded apache 2.4.  I then renamed the file apache24.conf and tried to restart the httpd24-httpd service.  I then got an error stating the file did not exist.  I am extremely new to RHEL and the Unix world so any help is really appreciated.  Thanks.

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