Passing Shibboleth SP Headers to Tomcat on IIS 7 with Tomcat Connector

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Sep 19 21:54:40 EDT 2014

On 9/19/14, 7:35 PM, "Gary Gwin" <ggwin at> wrote:
>That's good to know. I assume the "normal way" is configuring
>applications at the vhost level as that's how the documentation is

No, the filter running or not is an IIS question.

> When I try it with regex URL path matching, Shibboleth SP works
>fine, but the environment variables only populate for the matched path.
>When I configure with the matched path the
>requests are mapped to Tomcat bypassing Shibboleth.

The SP isn't in control of that, IIS is.

-- Scott

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