Memory leak hunting - Rhino script woes leading to stale metadata not being garbage collected

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Sep 18 09:45:51 EDT 2014

On 9/18/14, 12:00 AM, "Brian Koehmstedt" <bkoehmstedt at> wrote:

>   - One potential fix to try for OpenJDK deployments is add
>scriptContext.setOptimizationLevel(-1) to the Shibboleth code to see if
>it avoids the ClassCaching.  And if so, I wonder if it's worth
>considering adding to the code.  (Is this nonoptimization level the
>default in Oracle JDK?)

It would be good if you could file a bug with your test case. Even if we
don't get around to it, it gets it recorded, and if it's relevant to V3
anyway, we'll have to verify the situation there.

>- I saw postings on the web that indicate Rhino has been removed from
>JDK 8 in favor of a "Nashorn."  I wonder what the implications of this
>are for anybody who is migrating shibboleth to Java 8 and who has
>existing Javascript scripts in their Shibboleth configs?

Rod did a lot of work on the issue already.

-- Scott

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