entity descriptors from multiple registrars

Andy Bennett andyjpb at knodium.com
Thu Sep 18 08:21:29 EDT 2014


>>> ... clearly there is much to talk about
>>> (and my need is immediate). Where should this discussion take place?
>> REFEDS, probably. But fundamentally we need use cases and specifics and
>> apps that care, otherwise we're inventing problems apps don't care about,
>> like with assurance (IMHO).
> I definitely have use cases: two NSF-funded R&S SPs where the NSF
> dollars are intended to be used for US research, exclusively. My need
> is real and immediate. Without a solution, extending our local
> implementation of R&S to the international research community is
> essentially blocked.

At Knodium we're doing some work to try to map IDPs and their scopes to
real life institutions. However, our authorization policies still rely
on attributes so without something like an affiliation or entitlement to
tell you so, I don't see how you can achieve this.

In particular, the staff@ and student@ affiliations don't tell you
anywhere near as much as you might hope. PhD students are an interesting
edge case.

Your use cases seems to have parallels with "journal access", for which
the "common-lib-terms" entitlement is commonly used. Perhaps you need a
"was-given-nsf-dollars" entitlement?


andyjpb at knodium.com

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