Memory leak hunting - Rhino script woes leading to stale metadata not being garbage collected

Brian Koehmstedt bkoehmstedt at
Wed Sep 17 11:49:19 EDT 2014

Thanks Scott.  I'll work towards trying to duplicate in test with 
OpenJDK and then switch out with Oracle JDK to compare.

I think your point though about nobody else using filter scripts is 
still interesting.  I haven't done an exhaustive analysis on all the 
stale contexts in the heap, but whenever I was perusing the heap, it did 
seem like the stale stuff was associated with Rhino engines related to 
the filter scripts.  We also have a couple scripts in 
attribute-resolver.xml, and I didn't see any refs to those, so there may 
be still some filter quirk in play. (But just because I didn't see stale 
resolver engine stuff doesn't mean there aren't some there..may have 
been luck of the draw.)

On 9/17/2014 8:23 AM, Cantor, Scott wrote:
> Not a surprising outcome, but I wanted to note that the more common case
> of attribute resolution scripts also creates a SimpleScriptContext that
> contains a direct reference to a SAMLProfileRequestContext, which is the
> same object being referenced in the filter case, so the attribute resolver
> should also be creating this problem if it exists.
> That seems to point to an environmental issue since it's not being
> observed more widely.
> -- Scott

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