Strange error in catalina.out: "SEVERE: Error initializing endpoint Address already in use <null>:8443"

Christian Munive christian.munive at
Tue Sep 16 10:19:00 EDT 2014

I see... thanks Peter. Yeah, I was trying to follow these instructions:

But also including the instructions from the main site:

I just tried what you recommended (using the port 443 only) and the problem
went away. I'll give it a thought and see which port / configuration might
be the better one.

Oh, and I configured a CDS to practice and learn a bit. It might be
implemented in the end (probably not), but now I have some idea of how to
make it work, just in case.

Thanks for your help guys.

Christian Munive.

2014-09-16 4:50 GMT-05:00 Peter Schober <peter.schober at>:

> Chrsitian,
> * Christian Munive <christian.munive at> [2014-09-16 00:28]:
> > I'm using the recommended library "tomcat6-dta-ssl-1.0.0.jar" for
> > SOAP endpoints.
> Seems you're following two different (and incompatible) sets of
> instructions, and trying to merge them into one system.
> You'll have to decide whether you want Apache httpd in the mix or
> not. The above extension for Apache Tomcat is only needed if you don't
> have httpd running at all and instead rely on Tomcat as a webserver on
> both ports 443 /and/ 8443.
> Either way will work: The dta extension allows to run only one server
> process (Tomcat) instead of two (Tomcat and httpd) but is only
> officially supported for Tomcat6 (although there's a contributed
> extension for Tomcat7 that seems to work just fine).
> Getting authentication for ECP set up seems a bit easier with httpd in
> front, but can also be done with Tomcat solo.
> In any case you'll have to either remove httpd from the mix and
> configure Tomcat for https on port 443 also (i.e., running only
> Tomcat) /or/ remove all connectors from Tomcat's server.xml except the
> AJP one on port 8009, and restart both httpd and Tomcat (running httpd
> on all external ports, and Tomcat only internally).
> The second variant seems a bit easier given your existing configuration.
> Best regards,
> -peter
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