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Philip Durbin philip_durbin at
Fri Sep 12 12:48:53 EDT 2014

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 12:06 PM, Peter Schober
<peter.schober at> wrote:
> * Philip Durbin <philip_durbin at> [2014-09-12 17:39]:
>> Autocomplete (type ahead) seems wonky... maybe I didn't concatenate
>> the files properly.
> Sorry, I'm not familiar with that technical term ("wonky").
> Could you give a slightly more conventional error description,
> e.g. whether the wonkiness is also present in released versions, what
> the input was, what the expected result was, and what the actual
> result was?
> Feel free to compare with other EDS instances out there (I can provide
> URLs to some of our own, if needed).

A picture is probably worth a thousand words. Does looking at
help clarify?

As I'm typing "harv" I'm seeing...


... rather than...

Harvard Test IdP

Again, this bug is quite possibly something I introduced. The version
I concatenated together is here:


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