NIIF SLO plugin for IdP 2.4.x

Manuel Haim haim at
Thu Sep 11 08:29:20 EDT 2014


recently, we had a meeting of members of the German DFN-AAI federation
on the topic of "Single Logout" (SLO). After comparing several
Shibboleth logout solutions in use, we quickly understood that the NIIF
SLO solution [1] was the most complete implementation available, and we
decided to give it a try.

As a result of the discussion, we just rewrote the NIIF SLO code [2] as
a true IdP plugin (which can be installed along a default Shibboleth IdP
2.4.x), so there is no more need for the outdated 2.3.8 NIIF branch of
the Shibboleth IdP.

Feel free to download and try the plugin (readme included):

Installation is performed by just adding some files to the IdP setup
directory and adding some lines to the handler.xml, relying-party.xml,
idp-metadata.xml and web.xml files.

Kind regards,

[1] Single Logout in Shibboleth IdP (NIIF Institute, Hungary)

[2] AAI Software provided by NIIF Institute

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