Shibboleth IdP with Webex

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Generic thought - could you not contact Webex and ask them to check their logs, with the detail you've given us?

I'm working on a Google Apps pairing currently, and they've offered to examine the headers of the handshake and investigate the issue at their end.


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Hi Group,

I'd like some guidance primarily from those who have already got Shib and Webex working together here as I gather from other posts I've seen it's not entirely straightforward as other setups.

I've been trying to federate with Webex using our 2.3.8 IdP, using the documentation provided by Cisco (which seems heavily geared towards helping those using ADFS) and I'm hitting a brick wall. I've added the Webex metadata, I've pulled together the required attributes in the resolver (uid, email, firstname, lastname) and configured a webex nameid and used the uid for that. I've configured the attribute filter to remove all the unwanted attributes we usually release as default for other SPs.  I've configured the webex side to point at our IdP, I've added our IdP metadata and all that good stuff.

So when it comes to Webex login it correctly redirects to our IdP and our IdP redirects back to Webex, from the logs I can see the attributes I want sent are being sent - but webex fails to login with the error "Reason:  Invalid Response message (29)" obviously that means that something's wrong with my assertion but the documentation is of no help and as I've already said geared heavily to an ADFS implementation.

So, has anybody already successfully done this, and do they have any pointers?


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