IIS 7.5 Server behind an F5 Reverse Proxy

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Fri Sep 5 16:10:14 EDT 2014

On 9/5/14, 4:02 PM, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at osu.edu> wrote:
>>2. Is there any reason I should still go forward with changing the
>>reverse proxy mapping that I halted?
>>https://proxyserver.com/content/ ==> https://contentserver.com/content/
>You can listen to me or not, I wrote the software, and I'm telling you
>that you cannot put ports or schmes into the name field of a Site or Host
>element. That is not a correct configuration.

What I think it's doing is fooling the code into accidentally behaving
somewhat like a rewrite engine and producing URLs that are superficially
doing the right things. I suspect that if you never had to change the
content scenario here, and never use the RequestMap for anything more than
this, it might work, but I can't guarantee that some future change doesn't
break it. If I add something that needs to use those configuration
elements, I'm counting on them carrying the hostname alone.

-- Scott

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