Lohr, Donald lohrda at jmu.edu
Thu Sep 4 11:01:04 EDT 2014

Without disclosing the SP (yet), what are some good questions I can ask 
(over and above the one in my original email) to know we are not heading 
down a path that may cause us to do something with our Shibboleth 
service that we may regret or not have a secure handshake with this SP 
or any SP, whether they are an InCommon metadata participating member or 


On 09/04/2014 10:45 AM, Tom Scavo wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 10:26 AM, Lohr, Donald <lohrda at jmu.edu> wrote:
>> Does my IdP have a "full endpoint-to-endpoint XML (assertion)
>> encryption" relationship with the InCommon SP's that we currently use,
>> without me doing much of anything on my end?
> Scott quickly answered yes, so he may know something I don't, but the
> only person that can answer the above question is you. Just because an
> SP publishes its metadata in InCommon doesn't mean it meets the
> requirements I listed earlier. Not at all.
> Tom

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