Very slow processing of attribute-filter.xml with many AttributeFilterPolicy elements

Lukas Hämmerle lukas.haemmerle at
Fri Nov 28 02:38:32 EST 2014

On 27.11.14 14:19, Ian Young wrote:
> Filtering rules boil down to customised Spring bean configurations,
> so there are several extra layers of processing in there, some of
> which are not under our control. I doubt, too, that much effort was
> put into optimising that part of the system against extremely large
> configurations.
> To narrow it down, you could try timing startup with several smaller
> attribute-filter.xml files and see if it's roughly linear. If not,
> there's probably some looping across existing beans going on (either
> in Spring or our code) that might give you an NxN effect.

Yes, this seems indeed likely and would make sense according to our results.

> Have you had a chance to try this against the V3 IdP yet?

My colleague, Kaspar Brand, is having a closer look at the IdPv3. His
results loading and processing the current SWITCH attribute-filter with
about 6750 attribute rules are:
- about 2mins with IdP v2.4.2
- less than 5s with IdP v3.0.0-beta1

So, this looks quite promising for v3 but does of course not help much
in the short term. So, we probably will have to implement some
optimizations on our side anyways.

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