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Tomaz Majerhold tomaz.majerhold at
Thu Nov 27 11:30:28 EST 2014

Dne 27.11.2014 17:20, piše Tomaz Majerhold:
> Dne 27.11.2014 16:56, piše Peter Schober:
>> * Tomaz Majerhold <tomaz.majerhold at> [2014-11-27 16:02]:
>>> If application manage there own session is there any way that the
>>> application query SP if user is logout.
>> The other way round: The SP can notify the application to nuke the
>> application session on SAML logout:
>> Also see the child page for details.
>> -peter
> I was looking that page, but I don't understand it, how SP notify
> application. So apliaction do the requst or it is some kind of push
> mehanizem.
> Usually communication is request/response so where is actual location of
> SOAP shibboleth service to do the call.
> Regards, Tomaz

So if my thinking is correct:

1) I need some kind of listener in my web application
2) Configure SP where to send the SOAP message

Hm, so strange this PHP code, sorry I'm not so familiar with php, we are 
using java.

Regards, Tomaz

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