MCB, IDP hangs during startup

Steven Carmody steven_carmody at
Wed Nov 26 15:31:04 EST 2014

On 11/26/14 1:57 PM, Scott Koranda wrote:
>> And... can you tell me what line appears next in your idp-process log
>> file, after the "Initializing velocity engine using ...." ?
> 20:48:38.536 - INFO
> [edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.common.config.BaseService:158] -
> Loading new configuration for service shibboleth.AttributeResolver
> The next log entry from MCB itself does not occur until after an
> authentication flow is underway.
>> Looking at the code, the method in MCBLoginServlet returns soon after
>> adding that line to the log .... I'd like to know where execution
>> continues after that point ....

thanks Scott -- very helpful !

So, in web.xml, I removed $IDP_HOME$/conf/mcb-spring.xml; from where I 
had added it; this is now back to its original content:


Now, the IDP starts up normally and completely.

I do get these two lines near the end of idp-process, but we know why 
this error is occurring.

15:24:09.072 - DEBUG 
- Attempting to load bean [mcb.Configuration]
15:24:09.078 - ERROR 
org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean 
named 'mcb.Configuration' is defined

Any suggestions on figuring out where things might be going awry ?

btw, my IDP with the MCB was starting up correctly, and it presented me 
with its JAASLogin page -- login failed because I hadn't mapped to the 
correct JAAS configuration name in login.config. I corrected that 
value.... and everything immediately fell off the tracks ...

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