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Mon Nov 24 12:30:09 EST 2014

On 11/24/14, 4:45 PM, "samir el otmani" <elotmani.samir at> wrote:
>Organization 1 will enter the link : 
> <>
>Organization 2 will enter the link : 

As Peter noted, no they won't. They'll enter anything they like, and 
defeat any scheme you come up with, especially if it's parameter driven. 
If you really want to do this, using separate virtual hosts tends to be 
less error prone for users.

Either way, you can do this either programmatically as described by 
others, or if you can statically configure the mappings into 
shibboleth2.xml, or Apache commands, you can attach a content setting, 
entityID, to resources based on path, a parameter, or vhost, to lock 
requests to use that entityID when they redirect away for a login.

Having done this, you have broken your system with regard to federation, 
you now have silos, each one locked to an IdP and unable to share access 
across IdPs. No matter what you think, that's not good. It's not fully 
workable even when the application doesn't involve sharing resources, 
because not every customer organization you sign up will have only a 
single IdP to use.

-- Scott

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