test idp instance with local data

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Mon Nov 24 07:46:15 EST 2014

* Allan West <allan at ufl.edu> [2014-11-21 19:49]:
> The original request was for a "local version of testshib.org" that was
> accessible by internal/test hosts that are heavily ACL'ed from the rest
> of the universe. We're also using it as a training tool (for me) and a
> test of deploying a RHEL6 IdP.

So is this about a self-service web interface to register SAML (SP)
metadata ("testhib") to an IDP of yours?  Or about data sources for a
Shib IDP, i.e. data about subjects ([test] accounts with name, email,
etc. data)?
You can certainly need both, but the problems are very different, and
so will be replies.

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