SessionInitiator equivalent of SSO

Matt MacAdam mattjm at
Fri Nov 21 16:26:02 EST 2014

Question on the SSO shorthand element (I tried searching for this one
already...sorry if I missed it):

What's the equivalent in a SessionInitiator element?   That is, which
attributes of SessionInitiator are given default values (and what are
the values?) when using the SSO element?  Let's suppose we're using
the vanilla:

<SSO entityID="">

The docs say " the <SSO> element automates the installation of the
appropriate handlers based on the protocols selected for activation.
Most of the remaining settings are equivalent to the settings
supported by the "common" <SessionInitiator> types."

But, looking at the settings for, say, the SAML2 SessionInitiator,
it's still not entirely clear what attributes are set, and what their
values are (the docs give some hints, however).

I can consistently set up working SessionInitiator elements, but it's
not entirely clear to me in what ways they may differ in functionality
from the SSO elements.

Thanks in advance,

Matt MacAdam
Identity & Access Management Specialist
UW Information Technology

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