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Nate Klingenstein ndk at internet2.edu
Fri Nov 21 13:04:23 EST 2014


I've been tasked to make an idp for rapid metadata deployment testing. I'm looking for documentation of how to set up a local datastore, instead of connecting to the canonical campus data sources. I'm also looking for a more detailed description of the data flow from  the perspective of the IdP, so I can wrap my head around how the IdP will interact with local data stores.

This little graphic may help you think it through by looking at the world start-to-app from the point of view of an attribute.  It’s by no means the only way you can build the system, but it’s the most common type of architecture.


You’ll probably just want to set up a little LDAP directory or something similar.  You could even do something simpler with flat files, Tomcat user authentication, a script, … it’s open source at its finest.

I've been reading through wiki.shibboleth.net<http://wiki.shibboleth.net>, but I haven't found what I need to build something that isn't the canonical data source. Any references or pointers are appreciated.

Shibboleth was expressly designed to rely on other data sources as canonical references, so it’s not too surprising that you didn’t find something useful for you.

Try slides 11 and 12 here(and if you like them, invite all your friends to the v3 refresh coming some time next year!):


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