Which handler LDAP SSO - NOW kerberos integration

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Fri Nov 21 09:45:54 EST 2014

On 11/21/14, 2:32 PM, "Morris, Andi" <amorris at cardiffmet.ac.uk> wrote:
>Configured Tomcat to listen on port 8009 and to redirect that traffic 
>onto 8443

A redirect port is for http -> https translations, and you don't redirect 
port 80 traffic to the backchannel SOAP port.

>Setup the 8443 connector in Tomcat

You use AJP or HTTP, not both.

>However I now get errors in Catalina.out as below:

Which means in doing a Tomcat connector on 8443, you failed to install the 
trust manageer plugin provided by the project, which is outlined in the 
container prep documentation. Which you don't need anyway, if you're using 
Apache. And you may not need SOAP regardless, unless you determine you 
have use cases that require it.

>Commenting out the 8443 connector in Tomcat means that the service will 
>start properly, and I suspect that it's because Apache and Tomcat are 
>both told to listen on 8443, however I'm firstly surprised that the 
>output doesn't say that, as I've seen in other mailing list entries, and 
>secondly, commenting the 'Listen 8443' part of Apache's ssl.conf doesn't 
>resolve the issue.

Has nothing to do with that. The connector never came up, so Apache never 
conflicted with it.

-- Scott

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