Shidb / Apache Segmentation Fault

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sun Nov 16 09:29:28 EST 2014

* Aleix Dorca Josa <adorca at> [2014-11-16 09:26]:
> I'm using a standard Shibboleth IdP installation (v2.4) on a Debian
> Wheezy. I have Native SPs (via Apache's Shibd Module) on OSs like
> Debian Squeeze and Wheezy. The whole setup works flawlessly except
> for a particular application.
> We have two servers using a load sharing scheme. These use Debian
> Wheezy, Apache, Moodle, GlusterFS to sync the data folder and the
> Shibd module to handle the authentication.
> Everything (except Moodle, of course) has been installed from the
> Debian repositories.

Debian is generally unsupported by the Shib project (as the
documentation clearly points out), and the version in Debian Wheezy is
obsolete. (Not sure yet the version in Backports is usable, or whether
you're using that.) You're not really specific about the setup.
What parts of the filesystem are shared? Do you also share shibd (or
Shib sessions via another method)? You mention cron jobs running
around that time, but then say there's nothing happening, etc.

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