Config of Shibboleth - Debug Question

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Nov 12 12:46:15 EST 2014

* Joseph Corso <jcorso at> [2014-11-12 18:33]:
> Thank you! 1 step Closer. Service is started. At this point, I only
> Identified the sp and idp fqdns in the file. And the fed metadata
> location.

That's not the shibboleth2.xml from the dist folder, that's the
example-shibboleth2.xml which is a lot more verbose (more examples,
etc.) and hence not recommended for your purpose of starting simple.

>     <!-- Only one listener can be defined, to connect in-process modules to shibd. -->
>     <UnixListener address="shibd.sock"/>

Also opening a unix domain socket won't work on MS-Windows, so those
defaults are not usable for you. (Maybe an issue in the packaging, but
then example-shibboleth2.xml is just that, an example.)

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