Load Testing Help - how to improve perfromance

Baptista, Paulo paulo_baptista at brown.edu
Tue Nov 11 11:17:03 EST 2014

Hi Shib Community!

How are all of you?  We're running some load tests against our QA Shib IDP
Infrastructure.  I'd like to share our current setup and results, and
hopefully get from the community some tips on how to improve performance.

2 Red Hat servers, IDP load balanced behind F5
each with 2CPU, 2.5Ghz
8GB ram
java 1.6.0_14
-Xms256m -Xmx6g -XX:MaxPermSize=1g -XX:-DisableExplicitGC
Tomcat 6.0.37

Our ldap server is load balanced between two servers.
Kerberos is a single server.
Single Oracle DB.

We're running load test with 1000 concurrent users for 5 minutes. We get
about 4000 successful logins. We're using Jmeter.

During the load, the login page took about 30 seconds to load, and then
another 25 seconds to login.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Paulo Baptista
Brown University
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