Shibboleth Logout behavior

Atul Bhagwat atulabhagwat at
Mon Nov 10 17:57:03 EST 2014

Hi All,

We are going to implement SSO for on of our client. They have a bit strange
requirement of logout behavior:
1. There are multiple applications say A,B,C .... (multiple SPs) those
would be protected by Shibboleth SSO.
2. As per the requirement, application A is their main application and
others are supporting.
3. if user login in to application A,B and C.
         a. If he logout from A. User should get logged out from B and C
as well automatically.
         b. If he logout from B or C, his session should be active until he
logout from A or he closes the browser.

I have tried it using Logout methods provided LOCAL and SAML2. I couldn't
figure out a way to make a particular SP as a main application.
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