How to Internationalize shibboleth IDP login page.

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Nov 7 16:54:06 EST 2014

On 11/7/14, 9:02 PM, "Atul Bhagwat" <atulabhagwat at> wrote:

>We are planning to use Shibboleth for an SSO project. I have done a
>successful POC as well. I need a help from you guys.
>Our client is asking us to internationalize(localize) shibboleth login
>page. means it strings shown on login and other pages should be in 
>Chinese/Franch etc.. I have read many articles, but could not find 
>anything relevant.

There's nothing built-in to do it. The existing code is JSP-based for the 
login form, and there's nothing else it's doing, it just runs one JSP 
page. If you want to code in stuff to do i18n, you probably could, but it 
would be your code.

There might be international deployments on the list who might have 
examples they can share.

V3 will have some hooks into using Spring message properties to do some 
simple i18n out of the box if the text content is put into message files.

>Can someone from your team help me on it?

The "team" works on the open source project, we don't have resources to do 
work for others. There are companies that do consulting listed on the web 
site, and since this type of work has little or nothing to do with 
Shibboleth, it's something probably many shops could take on.

-- Scott

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