Sharepoint 2013 with IIS and Shibboleth SP but not ADFS

Scott Koranda skoranda at
Thu Nov 6 09:15:48 EST 2014


I am interested in using the Shibboleth SP with IIS to provide
authentication for Sharepoint 2013. I prefer not to use ADFS in this
instance because I need to leverage SAML 2 attribute query (to augment
attributes passed by a SAML 2 IdP) and to my knowledge ADFS does not
support SAML2 attribute query while the Shibboleth SP does.

I have reviewed this older thread from 2011

concerning Sharepoint 2010.

I would be grateful to hear about any efforts to use the Shibboleth SP
with IIS to federate Sharepoint 2013, or any updated input on the same
approach for Sharepoint 2010.


Scott K

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