Tracing edupersontargetedid to usernames

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue May 27 10:56:27 EDT 2014

* Steve Glover <steve.glover at> [2014-05-27 16:32]:
> On 25/05/14 08:01, Peter Schober wrote:
> > Well, if you really wanted to know that from ePTID you could always
> > hash all your userids and look for the matching one.
> > You'd have to look at the code though for the exact algorithm used by
> > the ComputedID data connector.
> Would AACLI not do the trick?
> Or am I missing something horribly obvious?

Not sure what you're saying, the aacli doesn't take ePTId as an
input. Are you suggesting to loop over all userids with the aacli?
That would work but I'm guessing will be /much/ slower than simply
finding and re-implementing the algorithm used in the generation of
the values and doing the looping outside of repeated JVM startups and
teardowns for every single subject.

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