IDP as CAS client

TISSOT Jacques Joseph jacques.tissot2 at
Mon May 26 10:56:15 EDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I am managing an IDP, which connect as client to a remote CAS server.

I tested a misconnection to the CAS server (renamed the address of the CAS server with an non existing address), but the IDP seems not to allow a connection back to the IDP ShibUserPassAuth method. Both CAS server and ShibUserPassAuth check authentication against an Active Directory bundle of servers.

Politics aside, is it a way to handle a CAS server fail by connecting back to the ShibUserPassAuth method (without reconfigure and restart the IDP)?

I did not find any helpfull response on the Internet.

I'll furnish all needed config file on demand.

Thank You for help

J. Tissot
University of Fribourg

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