Tracing edupersontargetedid to usernames

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sun May 25 03:01:56 EDT 2014

* Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> [2014-05-23 17:04]:
> Using hashing as a strategy presupposes to some degree you don't have this
> use case. That was one of the reasons we pushed the database approach, and
> eventually after it was clear that wasn't going to result in anybody using
> a database, we just decided to stop arguing over it because the number of
> cases where people needed this was rare.

Well, if you really wanted to know that from ePTID you could always
hash all your userids and look for the matching one.
You'd have to look at the code though for the exact algorithm used by
the ComputedID data connector.

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