Need shibboleth support for web application.

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Mon May 19 10:33:45 EDT 2014

It would help if we knew exactly what you/your server admins have done so far – I’m guessing you’ve installed the SP? And configured it to work under the website on IIS on the server?
Has it been paired up with an Identity Provider [IdP] yet?

Assuming so, and you can login to the SP ok, you need to set the attributes on the SP so they appear as headers (e.g. eppn). And the IdP to release attributes to your SP.

Then you should get them as header variables in your application (e.g. $_SERVER[‘eppn’] in PHP, unsure what the ASP equivalent is).


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Subject: Need shibboleth support for web application.


I need help in regarding how to communicate with shibboleth service provider. I am very new to the shibboleth integration, I am basically a .net developer.
so please help me out how to communicate with shibboleth SP using http request and response. what are necessary steps needed.

Thanks Regards

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