Shibd process crashes shibd.exe version 2.53

pvenkatesh at pvenkatesh at
Fri May 16 03:29:35 EDT 2014


Couple of updates,

The signing key is 4096 bits. I don't think its the response from the IDP
that is crashing the process.

I tested and can confirmed that the crash happens only when the 'key'
attribute is not provided in the <credentialresolver tag

<CredentialResolver type="File"  certificate=""/>   

If I change it to , <CredentialResolver type="File"  key="
"certificate=""/> Shibd process does not crash. 

I am still waiting for the partner to test and confirm what is the message
they see when they try the SSO now. 

As the partner is using a private key to sign the message they are sending
over to SP. Its was my understanding that to decrypt and verify the signed
SAML response sent by IDP to Shib's SP I will have to provide the cert in
the 'certificate attribute' of the <CredentialResolver Tag.

As,I didn't want the response back from SP to IDP to be signed , hence had
removed the key information.


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