Setting IdP login page locale based on some AuthnRequest data

Paweł Pogoda paw.pogoda at
Tue May 13 10:15:23 EDT 2014


My site is supporting various locale, for example: de_DE, en_US, fr_FR.
This site is protected by SP. When user access some private page I want to
display IdP login page in locale matching locale selected on public pages
of protected site.

Is it possible to set different locale for IdP login page, based on some
information sent in AuthnRequest?

In standard IdP configuration (using external login handler) login page
take locale from request - browser settings. What I want to achieve is to
override this default behaviour and be able to set locale based on some
information stored on protected by SP site.

I'v tried to change SP configuration to make auth request via POST instead
of redirect and modified bindingTemplate.html (add additional hidden field
with locale value) - but this information is lost on IdP before it reach my
code in LoginServlet.

I read something about authnRequest extensions, but don't know how to
prepare such request on SP side. (I need to be able to incorporate in it
some dynamic element <Locale>)
In SP documentation I found some entry about <samlp:AuthnRequest> incorporated
inside sessionIinitiator but I don't know if it's possible to add there
custom XML tags with dynamic value.

Also I think about some solution using JSONP to retrieve in IdP login page
locale from SP protected site - but it seems to be not that way how it
should be handled (additional request)

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