RequestMap Query applicationId

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon May 12 09:36:13 EDT 2014

On 5/12/14, 4:37 AM, "Tom Haenen" <tom.haenen at> wrote:

>Since not all IdP's supply their attributes in the same way we want to be
>able to have a separate attribute map for each IdP. I tried to configure
>this by specifying applicationId's in shibboleth2.xml at <RequestMap>
>(see below).

For the record, you aren't intended to use different attribute mapping
rules, that's why you can map any attributes you get into any headers you
want, including many to one or one to many.

> After some testing I realized that the <RequestMap> and <Host> with an
>applicationId attribute DO work, but <Path> and <Query> DO NOT work.

I can't think of any reason offhand Query wouldn't work, but Path most
certainly does, so you are incorrect.

Path based overrides are a bad idea, but they are covered in detail in the
ApplicationModel page. They are very complicated for people without
experience with the software. Don't use them. And you don't need any
overrides at all based on what you've described as a use case, at least

-- Scott

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