Shibboleth SP - What triggers redirection through Embedded Discovery Service?

Kevin Foote kpfoote at
Fri May 9 18:31:38 EDT 2014

On May 9, 2014, at 2:46 PM, Ken Weiss <ken.weiss at> wrote:

> Steps 6 and 7 are the problem. I don't understand why my SP is sending the user back to EDS when they already have a valid Shibboleth session. Can anyone give me some clues as to how to even begin to debug and resolve this? Or is this an expected behavior - just part of the way we expect Shibboleth to behave when crossing from one DNS domain to another?

Very broad stab at your use case.. 

Is this a cookie domain mismatch issue?
If cookies are the issue you can probably adjust in the <Session> element.

You did not say explicitly but I think by your gloss-over of your shib2.xml you are NOT using overrides. 
Is that correct?

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