not included in shibboleth RPM

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue May 6 20:38:07 EDT 2014

On 5/6/14, 8:11 PM, "David Hodnett" <david at> wrote:
>Amazon Linux is binary compatible with CentOS 5. I have successfully
>deployed the RPM from
>> and it worked great with with Apache 2.2 as installed from Amazon's own

I recall you or somebody else saying that recently, but my brain is full
of Java right now, so I didn't remember. The problem at one point was with
the init script as I recall.

>However, I misunderstood what I was trying to accomplish. I no longer
>think Apache 2.4 is the problem. I think
> is what I was
> looking for, and I'm very fortunate I didn't run into any halt and catch
>fire instructions within the CentOS 5 build.

Right, there are likely going to be issues with the specfiles, as I said,
because there's a lot of per-distribution detail in them.

>And I very much appreciate the effort. I took it for granted how easy it
>was to set up and configure Shibboleth Service Providers thanks to this

Unfortunately the effort that goes into the RPMs is more than most people
might guess, and moving to the build service has been a major time saver,
but at the cost of limiting the platforms I can target.

> I initially installed Shibboleth (via yum) on an Amazon free tier
>"micro" instance, realized that I couldn't update it via RPM, tried to
>build from source and encountered a fatal error compiling OpenSAML due to
>the lack of memory available on that instance. It's been one obstacle
>after another but I will keep an eye on that JIRA ticket and keep trying
>in the meantime.

The next time I touch the SP I will undoubtedly check that in because it
doesn't really affect the mainline builds, but I'm full time on the IdP
for the time being.

-- Scott

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