Shibboleth SP with multiple IdPs

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Jul 21 05:10:14 EDT 2014

* ltartarini90 <ltartarini90 at> [2014-07-21 09:10]:
> I am new to Shibboleth, I want to configure my Shibboleth SP with 1+ IdPs.
> Assuming that I already have the Metadata for each IdP what are the steps to
> follow to integrate the IdPs in the SP? In particular, which tags do I need
> to use in my shibboleth2.xml file to add new IdPs?

If you already have SAML metadata for those IDPs configured in the SP
you're done. The test is session initiation and probably IDP
discovery. Have a look at the NativeSPGettingStarted documentation.

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