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Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Jul 15 10:16:32 EDT 2014

On 7/15/14, 8:27 AM, "Renvoize, Martin" <martin.renvoize at ptfs-europe.com>

>Onto a question, I'm have a multi-tenant web app that I'm implementing
>shibboleth authentication for.  I'm using ApplicationOverrides with
>apache virtualhosts to great success so far.  However, as the system
>grows with more and more tenants I'm finding it increasingly difficult to
>see the wood from the trees in the logs if I turn it up for debugging.  I
>was wondering if there's any simple way to configure the logs to log to
>separate files based on applicationID?

No. The only routing is via categories, and the application ID isn't part
of any logging categories. There isn't any way to know that information at
the time of most logging events, particularly from components that know
nothing about the SP itself.

Even if it were in the logging diagnostic context, which isn't really
possible, I don't believe it can log to different appenders based on the

-- Scott

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