Need help with the Shibboleth SP configuration

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue Jul 8 01:36:04 EDT 2014

* anandan <anupam.nandan at> [2014-07-07 22:49]:
> "You could simply remove (i.e. overwrite and set expirey to a past 
> date) HTTP cookies set by the SP, e.g. by iterating over all available 
> cookies. "
> Looks like I need to have name, path and domain of a cookie: 
> Name : _shibsession_xyz 
> but I am not sure about the path and domain. 

Just look at the HTTP headers that get set (e.g. using Firefox's Live
HTTP Headers extension) or deduce it from your configuration.
By default the Shib SP will set path=/ and the domain is your
webserver's FQDN as seen from the client.

Equipped with those two you can loop over all existing cookies (or
maybe limiting it to ones starting with '_shibsession') and set
'expires' to a date in the past.

Plenty of results from a web search on 'javascript delete all cookies'.

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