IdP 2.3.8 PermGen leak?

Eric Stein steine at
Wed Apr 23 10:58:21 EDT 2014

Thanks for replying, Scott.

Using the Container-managed connection did step on that permgen leak.

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On 4/22/14, 2:47 PM, "Eric Stein" <steine at<mailto:steine at>> wrote:

>I'm seeing a PermGen leak in the 2.3.8 IdP. I'm running it inside

>Tomcat 6.0.36. When I stop and then start the application, JVisualVM is

>reporting that the old WebappClassLoader instance isn't unloading. The

>nearest GC root is a com.mchange.v2.async.ThreadPoolAsynchronousRunner.

>I'm losing about 15 MB per refresh of the IdP.

For the record, we don't really support reloading.

> Is there any way to either (a) configure c3p0 through the IdP so that

>it doesn't leak memory like a sieve, or (b) use some other thread pool


Configure a container-managed data source and then you can use any data source you prefer. I use dbcp.

-- scott


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