Getting a grasp on Heartbleed and IDPs

Dave Perry Dave.Perry at
Fri Apr 11 04:34:30 EDT 2014

We're using AJP under Apache - but being Novell SLES10 (SP4), there aren't super up to date versions on their official patching system.
I checked the OpenSSL version on our IdP and it's 0.9.8a (even after running a zypper update) - the secadv detail I saw said only 1.0.1 was vulnerable, so whilst I'd accept an older version should be updated I hope that's the IdP clear.

I will get the SPs (both windows, 2.5.2 I think - installed 6 mths ago) updated asap.


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On 4/10/14, 1:32 PM, "Ian Young" <ian at> wrote:
>On 10 Apr 2014, at 18:25, Nate Klingenstein <ndk at> wrote:
>> Wherein Apache was protecting 8443, of course.  Sorry.  If you're a 
>>Tomcat-only IdP deployment, your exposure from this vulnerability is 
>>basically nil.
>I think we still have concerns that a Tomcat-only deployment may be 
>vulnerable if it was configured to use the Apache Portable Runtime as 
>an SSL accelerator, as it would mean that there was a live OpenSSL 
>inside the same process as the JVM.
>If anyone has any definitive information about this either way it would 
>be really helpful.

I don't have any information on the continued relevance of that option, but I can definitely say that if you use the APR connector for TLS in Tomcat (that's APR, not AJP, two different things), you would be subject to the issue if the version of OpenSSL was affected.

-- Scott

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