Incommon metadata file is not refreshing automatically after 14 days

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Apr 10 09:33:26 EDT 2014

* Robin_Elisha <rabindra.srivastava.itbhu06 at> [2014-04-10 12:15]:
> I have successfully installed SP with my application and its running fine.
> However after 14 days when the metadata file validity expires it is not
> refreshing automatically. I have to restart the sever to make it running
> again. Below is the shibboleth config in shibboleth2.xml file - 
> <MetadataProvider type="XML" uri="http://test/InCommon/metadata.xml"
>               backingFilePath="federation-metadata.xml"

And you expected http://test/InCommon/metadata.xml to give you
up-to-date InCommon metadada? Otherwise that is your error.

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